Belated: Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

Hey all, anyone, out there on the wires reading this I want to take the time to wish you a happy new year and a Merry Christmas (sub in a non denominational phrase if you like). Very hectic with many a christmas party to attend. That being said it was much less than last year which makes me glad to spend time with my family unit. Speaking of such, last time we were sharing photos, my daughter was not even able to walk and yet here I write this and she can climb all over the place and tell me no and run away whenever she likes! I feel as if I owe a post or two as I can’t let this get to a year between posts… that would make me a #sadpanda. And so to start the new year off right (2 weeks in), this post is scheduled for the 11th of January with a more compelling one coming within the week (I promise or you can delete this off your feed). Have something interesting that happened over your holidays? Let me know in the comments below. Until we next talk…Happy Hacking!

2014 – A Look Back

As I sit on my couch upstairs watching the clock tick I can’t help but look back and reflect on 2014. It was a big year for myself as well as for my family. It marked a year of beginnings and endings. Check out below for less vaguity and more clarity.

2015 Digital

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