Please Sir, Can I Have A Job

All of us have been there. You are working at a company, hoping to build a career when things change and you find yourself no longer a fit for your employer and your find yourself back in the job market. Some of us have more forewarning than others but the blow is essentially the same. Job searching can be hard but it is how you view things that makes all the difference.


One of the more interesting parts of job searching is seeing how much things have changed since you had to look for one. Personally, I find myself looking at development requirements and thinking “Jeez, I only have about half of what they are looking for and the rest would be cool to learn. Who wants a person like that?”. Well truth be told, the toughest thing you will face when job searching is yourself. I constantly find myself getting inside my own head more than any interview could and end up psyching myself out.


The challenge I pose to myself is to get out of my own head and what I don’t have in terms of skills and requirements and look at what I do have. Looking to my own accomplishments gives me the confidence to think that if a company can’t see what a great find they have because the interview went a little off or my skills and achievements are not great on paper, then they will be missing out on a great opportunity to work with me.

One of the new things I am working on doing for interviews is being myself. Previous to this job hunting session I had tried to be the most professional person they meet and show employeers that I can do anything they might require right off the bat. This time around I am being honest. I may not have all of the skills that you listed and I will be honest with you on that. I may not be the most professional but what I show you is what you will get and its a good way to see if we will click when we work together. What you need to know when you hire me is that I will work to become proficient in the skills you are looking for as I enjoy the challenge. You also get me, not a polished version that wears down after a period of time to then see who I really am then and potentially regret it.

By doing this it helps two fold. First, you can see if I will be a fit inside your business and how I may interact with your team. You don’t need to wait the three months or however long it takes to see that something is off or isn’t what you were expecting. Second, you can see my dedication and see if you want to take that leap of faith and make that bet. It pays off by me showing you that I will be a hard working, dedicated employee that never turns down an opportunity to learn .

All of us are great at certain things and if you don’t happen to get the job you interviewed and thought you wanted, then maybe it might not be the job you were ment to have. We have to go through a few rough patches to find the dream job we deserve and along the way that means interviewing. Show people who you really are and you will be much better off down the road.