2014 – A Look Back

As I sit on my couch upstairs watching the clock tick I can’t help but look back and reflect on 2014. It was a big year for myself as well as for my family. It marked a year of beginnings and endings. Check out below for less vaguity and more clarity.

2015 Digital

At the start of the year I was still in between my second surgery being finished and waiting for my third surgery in March. This would mean the removal of my ileostomy (of which I was just getting used to) and the presumable end of my Ulcerative Pancolitis. This was very exciting stuff to look forward to when I think back on it. It would mark the end to the pain and anxiousness and my wife and I could start a new beginning.

This beginning is my daughter, Alice Leeanne Jacobs. Born June 8th 2014 she was a bundle of fiestiness and joy from the moment she was born. In the OR the doctors were surprised when she grabbed one of the instruments they were using. Ever since I held her in my arms I knew that she would help my wife and I look towards a bright future.

Of course no year would be complete without some home ownership issues and repairs. Ever since replacing our tub and using Mr. Rooter to do so it seems there has been a slow leak. Having them come back 7+ times is also quite exciting.

Getting a new Timberline HD roofing done by Swinkle Roofing in Delaware in the middle of November when there wasn’t snow blowing around meant that it might not have to be dealt with again for as long as we occupy this home.

I also started taking an interest in improving my home to be smarter to start out with and eventually even automate it in some ways. The first step there was the Nest Learning Thermostat and then the Nest Protects to go with them (coming in a later post). There are still some big plans to happen with my home and making it more Internet of Things (IoT) compatible.

I was also fortunate enough to make it to San Fransisco for Dreamforce this year. The company I work for was gracious enough to bring me along and the convention and the city itself left me floored. How does one navigate a city with those disgustingly steep hills! A few of them were almost 90° angles.

Even though some may take this for granted I also appreciate that I have been working for the same company for a whole year as well. This is a big deal as most of my peers will statistically have many jobs over their lifetime and I am looking for a career (trying to break the status quo here) and not just a job.

With all of these exciting and not so exciting adventures my family and I have been on I find myself looking forward to 2015. I have started so many great moments and some of them have played out in 2014 and the rest will pour into 2015. For those of you reading this I hope that your 2014 was as eventful and exciting as mine. If not, you always have next year!