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var msg = Welcome everyone to the Wasteland.StackTrace(). The goal of this site is to debug the constantly running computer program known as my life. I am optomistic that there will be something in here for everyone who reads this as I have been fortunate enough in my 25 years (almost 26) of being alive to have experienced some extraordinary things, not all of them great and wonderful. There are a bunch of moving variables within my life program thus far. Some include being a father, a husband, being diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis (UC), purchasing a new home or being a home owner and last but not least having a love for technology. To give you some background lets go over some of them.

msg += Way back in 2007 in a four hour long Networking class I met my wife. She was one of the few girls in the networking or computer programmer courses. Turns out she wasn’t ment for networking and neither was I. After the first semester we transfered into the programming branch where I found myself more happy and in a field that I enjoyed. My wife still unhappy and having me complete her projects for her transfered out at the earliest opportunity into the Developmental Services Worker (DSW) program. We were engaged in 2009 and tied the knot in September of 2011. After that it was a two week honeymoon in Egypt before things started to get very bad over there.

[Ulcerative Pancolitis Survivor]
msg += During the period of engagement with my wife and while on a trip to Las Vegas I developed severe stomach pains, loss of appitite and many other unpleasentries. Once we hit Canadian soil it was a rush to emerg at Victoria Hospital and after a series of tests and a Gastrointestinal Specialist later I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Pancolitis. In posts I may outline later, it took 3 surgeries and a small window of time with me having an ileostomy to get to now – living with a J Pouch which is a better quality of life when I having a daughter that keeps me on my toes.

Alice Newborn June 8th 2014 1010PM
msg += As I was going through my UC journey and about to go in for another surgery we decided that it was a good time to start a family. I love my wife more than anything in the world. She makes me a better person and when I am not she pushes me to strive to be the best. I did not think that I could love anyone more. That is until my daughter Alice Leeanne Jacobs was born on June 8th, 2014 at 10:10PM. 10 days overdue and weighing a whopping 7lb and 12oz, as soon as I saw her I knew things would be different. Fast forward to today and she is now 5 and a half months old and finding new ways to put a smile on my face and turn our lives upside down and keep us on our toes.

[Home Owner]
21340 Dain St - After Purchase
msg += While in the middle of the tourmoil and my last surgery date around the corner it seemed that it would be nice to find a home outside of London to start a family. We settled on Delaware Ontario. When we first entered the house I knew it was the one. Being employed by a company that has me telecommute for work the first thing I did after my wife and I walked through was call Rogers on the way back to the realtors office to make sure they serviced the area with high speed internet. After that was green lighted we were all set to put an offer in. Owning a home has its advantages and its pitfalls as most of you will know. Some may even be interesting enough to make there way onto this site eventually.

Binary Wasteland Logo
msg += I have always had a love for technology. There is just something about being able to create something out of nothing that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Being able to manipulate a computer or machine to do something it has not done before without your help gives you a feeling of purpose and power. I knew in high school I wanted to be a computer programmer and so in the Winter of 2010 I graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario with an advanced diploma for Computer Programmer Analyst. Since then I have worked in the educational, private and commercial industries. I have also learned to code for Android, iOS, BlackBerry (7 & 10) and for Windows Phone. I now run a site called Binary Wasteland where I try to give back by developing development 101 tutorials and review technologies and the accessories to give developers or soon to be developers some insight into what they may want or need in the position of code monkey or bit twister. I am always looking for a challenge as so I try and stay current on all the latest and greatest that is happening in development and in technology.

msg += Well there you have it. A breif brief look into what you may see here on Wasteland.StackTrace(). There are so many things to debug first but I figured you might like to know the person behind the writing first. Now that you do we can begin this magical journey together and see where it takes us. if you can relate to any of this I have included comments on this site for just that reason so use them below. Until the next time, Happy Hacking!

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